Powerade Never Give Up


Develop sports led activation challenges, as part of an interagency team, to showcase ordinary people taking on extraordinary challenges with assistance from Powerade ambassador Paul O’Connell.


  1. Recruit and manage Powerade a team of Powerade athletes across the challenges
  2. Develop and manage the role of the Powerade brand ambassador Paul O’Connell
  3. Manage and execute Powerade’s brand presence at the three sporting events


  • Recruited and managed the Powerade athletes across three separate sporting challenges in triathlon, GAA and Mountain Running
  • All challenges were completed successfully by the Powerade athletes
  • Innovative use of Paul O’Connell across digital, TV and grass roots marketing
  • Campaigns won awards both nationally and globally
  • Powerade was the fastest growing sports drink in the irish market which consolidated its number 2 position in the Irish sports drinks category

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