eir Family Fun Day


  1. To create an employee family fun day for eir as recognition for their commitment to eir and the successful activation of the 30 year Special Olympics Sponsorship.
  2. To create a social platform and utilise their own infrastructure for an in-house event that employees could fell a part of and celebrate
  3. To create an event that had a unique and energetic vibe for all attending


  1. Full ownership of the event from its inception to implementation
  2. Complete end to end management of the event, including:
    • Third party management – Entertainment, Structures, Alcohol licence
    • Health & safety – Site plans, Fire and Safety offices, Structural engineers, Insurance officers
    • RSVP management – Linking in on the internal process, and management at the event
    • Catering and entertainment for 750 guests – Catering for all ‘eating’ habits, using our preferred suppliers to ensure all guests had the right selection
  3. Manage all the logistics of both third party suppliers and eir management team. Including: site marquee erection, catering set-up, all entertainment, etc.


  • This was a hugely popular and successful event, with employees being entertained by a live band and DJ, a range of 4 different types of cuisine and a range of live entertainment such Adult magician, Reptile farm, and children’s carnival, soft play area and gaming entertainment zone
  • Two unique areas were created for all guests to mingle in, catering for all types with multiple entertainment options
  • Positive feedback from employee survey post event with 95% very satisfied with the event.

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