1. To develop a unique national sampling campaign that engaged the target consumer nationally, while offered a positive “real-time” engagement with consumers
  2. Target consumers during key daily consumption ‘time’ segments in the corporate sector and consumer events
  3. Leverage all existing assets (physical and digital) during each activation ensuring maximum exposure with consumers
  4. Increase Social Media awareness (in connection with the digital agency) through a national sampling activity plan


  1. Increase consumption during key periods and exceed KPI’s within those specific purchasing times
  2. Multidimensional sampling through social media, on-street & ‘desk drop’ events in the corporate and consumer sectors
  3. Help drive sales of Fruice through corporate locations and Consumers (via the convenience stores)
  4. Manage TITAN and Fruice staff at each activity (including training)
  5. Manage third party assets (including transport of Fruice vehicle and POS assets)
  6. Manage all logistics from Fruice (including stock orders, event entry, corporate approval)


  • 16,750 consumers sampled across all of Ireland
    • Four provinces reached through sampling events in Dublin, Belfast, Scariff, Cork
  • Increase in Facebook likes from 8,800 likes to over 16,000
  • Increase in Facebook traffic by over 50% (including posting and sharing)
  • Increase in sales through Corporate third parties (e.g. Aramark & Compass)
  • Fruice brand brought to life with key demographic (e.g. staff from PWC, Citi Bank, Ulster Bank, Vodafone)
  • A comprehensive and successful national sampling campaign delivered via corporate and consumer penetration nationwide

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