SuperValu Graham Norton


  1. To assist the lead agency with the execution of a unique stunt activity
  2. Build a large red chair similar to the one on the Graham Norton show complete with mechanical lever
  3. To invite commuters in rush hour to sit on the red lever chair and tell a funny and captivating story to camera
  4. To deliver sufficient content between Hector, promotional team and commuters to help create a shareable video for social channels


  1. To liaise with Dublin City Council and Gardai to gain relevant permissions for this city centre activation
  2. To source and brief design team to re-create the ‘Big Red Chair’
  3. To source & manage all marquee, stage, branding, props, AV & lighting contractors
  4. To select a promotional team that would help us deliver a high return in consumer engagements


  • Over 30 commuters engaged and told their story to camera
  • Created curiosity and talkability amongst commuters
  • Brand awareness for SuperValu and the Graham Norton wine range in store both on street and via social channels
  • Drove increased footfall to SuperValu and Centra stores (store gift cards distributed to all those that took part)

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