Centra Halloween


TITAN Experience was appointed as the event agency to plan, execute and capture a spooktacular pop up activity that would generate talkability online and highlight Centra Halloween offers.


TITAN Experience were challenged by Centra to create a viral activation ahead of Halloween in a store. Challenges included:
  • Ensuring the right content was captured in the short time of filming – only 1 day allowed in store with the video crew
  • Dressing the store so it reached the KPI to give customers a fun fright but still allowed customers to shop normally
  • Editing and turning the video for release within a short time frame


  • To manage the event end to end and deliver a viral video that would appeal to social media users
  • To recruit actors, magician and promotional to feature in the video
  • To create different frightening and fun scenes in store using props, actors and magicians
  • To work with store managers throughout the day to make sure their customers were still able t shop freely
  • To identify fun customers to feature in the video
  • To manage camera crew
    • Extensive briefing to ensure the right content was captured
    • Manage crew on site
    • Ensure permission forms were signed by all those who featured in the video
    • Oversee editing of video


The video generated 332K views, 4.1K likes on facebook and 803 shares.

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