eir Running


  • Diversify an event that in its third year of being staged.
  • Focus on general health and wellbeing rather than just about running.
  • Enhance the event journey in addition to the event day through a programme of on-going wellness initiatives.
  • Fresh location requested to accommodate 5km, 10km, half & full marathon distance
  • Incorporate family fun day aspect to the event to coincide with event to appeal to eir staff and their families.


  • Identify and engage race organiser to agree on event participation
  • Facilitate wide range of participant abilities and race type preferences
  • Identify and recruit high profile running ambassador that mirrors company ethos
  • Organisation of key lunchtime events and ambassador appearances
  • Coordination, logistics and planning of event journey & weekend
  • Provide family fun day facilities at race venue and post-race outdoor after party in separate location
  • Manage accommodation, VIP race entries & participant logistics pre, during and post event
  • Ensure client fundraising goals are achieved.


  • eir Tullaroan – eir enhanced long standing race event. Request by race organisers to return
  • 200 participants + travelling party
  • Family fun day at race finish line festival
  • Luxury outdoor garden after party
  • Successful delivery of event within budget

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